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Doodle of the Week is intended to be a fun, educational and safe website for people of all ages. We've listed below information on how we safeguard your privacy, as well as some guidelines about how to use the site.


Anything you see or read on this site is owned and copyrighted by Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki, unless noted. If you want to copy text or graphics from this site for private use (for example, a report for school), that's okay, but you have to say the content came from this site. If you want to use anything on our site for public use (personal or commercial websites, published papers or articles, books, magazines, newspapers, electronic media), please ask us for permission first.


This site may contain links to other sites. We do our best to make sure that links go to kid-safe sites, but websites often change. Therefore, we can't guarantee the content of any outside sites we link to.

You are welcome to link to our site.

Emails and Information

If you send us emails, your address will never be given to anyone else ("any third party" in legalese) for any reason. We may use your address to tell you about any new happenings on Doodle of the Week (only at your request), or to respond personally to a comment or question, but it will never be used through us to sell you anything.

We never collect personal information from you unless you voluntarily email it to us. Anything you email us (picture, comments or suggestions, questions) becomes our property, and we have the right to use it in any way we see fit. If we publish anything by you, on Doodle of the Week or anywhere else, only your first name, last initial, and city will be shown, to protect your privacy.

When you visit our site, some non-identifiable information (browser type, domain name of internet service provider) is automatically collected by our server. We use this information to see which parts of the site are getting the most visitors.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our privacy policy or terms of use, please contact us.

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